Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion

This interactive workshop gives an introduction to using an intersectional approach to ones personal and professional life. Grounded in anti-oppressive practice this training focuses on how one's social location impacts how they move through the world and impacts others. The training includes a number of differing activities from group discussion, activities, as well as scenarios.

Usual length: 3 hours

LGBTQ2+ Inclusivity in the Workplace

This workshop challenges us to rethink the structures we have in place which assumes the absence of gender and sexual minorities unless we are explicitly told otherwise.  We will discuss how we can deeply challenge homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia within ourselves and our workplace.

Usual length: 1.5 hours

Trans Inclusivity in the Workplace

This workshop focuses explicitly on how to include transgender, transsexual, non-binary, and other gender non-conforming people in the workplace. Focusing on an understanding of appropriate language, gender identity and expression legal protections, ongoing challenges, and concrete ways to address current challenges.

Usual length: 1.5 hours or 3 hours

Customized Presentations

Jade is always open to customized presentation as they have a 15 year history of education on a variety of subjects including:

  • LGBTQ2+ History

  • Accesbility

  • LGBTQ2+ issues and faith

  • Sexual Health and Enthusiastic Consent

  • Polyamory and more

“I've invited Jade to present at Venus Envy Ottawa many times over the past few years on topics such as Examining Cis Privilege and Challenging Transmisogyny.  Throughout her presentations, Jade has delivered accurate, inclusive, and audience appropriate materials in an engaging manner. I've seen her manage challenging questions and offer thoughtful answers in a respectful way. She brings a variety of adult learning styles to her presentations to connect with her audiences and I'm happy to recommend her for workshops and trainings on a wide variety of topics. "

Shelley Taylor / Certified Sexual Health Educator and founder of Venus Envy Ottawa

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