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Building Belonging

The sense of belonging at work is one that few in today's organizations truly feel, but for which we need to strive towards. This keynote presentation will address how to build workplaces that make people feel like they truly belong. During the session we will address the pitfalls of traditional diversity, equity, and inclusion work, and how to actually create organizations that value the dignity of all, work from a place of justice, and cultivate cultures of belonging.

Image Source: The Broadly Gender Spectrum Collection

Overhead shot of six disabled people of color at a rooftop deck party. An Indigenous Two-Spirit person with a prosthetic leg smiles directly at the camera and gives a thumbs up while everyone else is engaged in conversation.
Accessible Futures

Twenty-percent of all humans are or will be disabled. With aging populations, climate change, COVID, growing awareness of neurodiversity and other major changes that number may grow. Disability justice informs us however that there is beauty in disability, and we are only as disabled as the society that surrounds us. During this keynote, Jade will look at how we create accessible futures, and find meaning and beauty in the disabled present.

Image Source: Disabled and Here

Canadian Trans History

This workshop focuses on the history of trans, transgender, transexual and gender diverse people in Canada and around the world. With Jade's background at the ArQuives as well as a lover of history, this presentation tells the stories of trans communities so often lost.

Usual length: 1 hour

Customized Presentations

Jade is always open to customized presentation as they have a 20 year history of education on a variety of subjects including:

  • 2SLGBTQIA+ History

  • Accessibility

  • 2SLGBTQIA+ issues and faith

  • Sexual Health and Enthusiastic Consent

  • Polyamory and more

“I've invited Jade to present at Venus Envy Ottawa many times over the past few years on topics such as Examining Cis Privilege and Challenging Transmisogyny.  Throughout [their] presentations, Jade has delivered accurate, inclusive, and audience appropriate materials in an engaging manner. I've seen [them] manage challenging questions and offer thoughtful answers in a respectful way. [They] bring a variety of adult learning styles to [their] presentations to connect with [their] audiences and I'm happy to recommend [them] for workshops and trainings on a wide variety of topics. "

Shelley Taylor / Certified Sexual Health Educator and founder of Venus Envy Ottawa

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